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Dal Makhni is something we Indians just cant get over with. Visit us at Veg Gulati and treat your tastebuds with our traditional Dal Makhni this Navratra Food Festival starting from 28th March 2017 till 5th April in which we'll serve food only without onion and garlic
http://veggulatirestaurant.com/dal-makhni-is-something-we-indians-just-cant-get-over-with. visit-us-at-veg-gulati-and-treat-your-tastebuds-with-our-traditional-dal-makhni-this-navratra-food-festival-starting-from-28th-march-2017-till-5th-april-in-which-we'll-serve-food-only-without-onion-and-garlic/b48
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